What we do


We are decisive, dynamic and confident, sensing when markets will shift in direction and pinpointing the right moment to strike with conviction to maximise investment returns.

Our areas of expertise

Discretionary Investment Management

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We have extensive experience across the investment spectrum, from opportunistic to core strategies seeking the appropriate risk adjusted returns. Our systematic, strategic approach and excellent track record give clients the utmost trust in our ability to deliver appropriate returns for the strategies being implemented.

Asset Management

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We bring fresh eyes to complicated portfolios, with experience in running discretionary and joint venture mandates. Our commitment to always co-invest, paired with our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a transaction, lead to better outcomes for our clients from inception through to realisation.

Joint Venture Partnerships

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We transform potential into profit, through a collaborative co-investment approach that aligns our key interests with those of our partners. Our clients benefit from the experience, skillset and excellent track record we have developed since inception.

Managed Accounts

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We transparently act in the best interests of our clients to develop tailored specific strategies that achieve their unique goals. Through consultation and understanding of our clients’ preferences, constraints and the marketplace, we consistently deliver better outcomes for our clients.


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Founded by SW3, Occu is a vertically integrated asset management platform. Since its launch into the PRS market in 2019, Occu has grown from one location to 11, offering high-quality build-to-rent apartments and houses in prime locations in and around Dublin. Learn more here.

Our Track Record

Our consistent market-leading returns are proof of our commitment to deliver excellence. We combine our collective, diverse experience and insight to lead from the front. You can download our track record here.