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"There is always room at the top"

SW3 Capital is an alternative investment manager. We pride ourselves on being unique and flexible.

Investment strategies are based around carefully researched Themes. The themes serve to highlight how best to capture returns in specific sectors of the market and although not always mainstream, the themes draw on the directors’ multi-disciplinary skill set and in depth analysis. We frequently allow time to refresh our macro view, identify new key trends and scrutinise outputs until our themes emerge.

SW3 Capital will only allocate investor capital into strategies where the firm is investing its own capital. This creates a strong alignment of interests between us and our investor base which will create relationships lasting long into the future.

The tight knit Team have varied backgrounds and experience that enables SW3 to think, research and implement new and emerging strategies. Our emphasis on co-investment drives our research and strategy selection and keeps us striving to stay ahead of the competition.